British Library, MS Harley 6356

British Library, MS Harley 6356 (or H2) was one among the three newly discovered manuscripts by Jeanne Shami. Its contents have not been edited, and Potter and Simpson were not aware of its existence. Like the other Harleian manuscript, MS Harley 6356 is a series of bound separates. Shami notes (p. 99) how the list of contents and original foliation (in pen) evident throughout the volume is likely to be in the handwriting of the Yorkshire antiquary Abraham Pryme (1671-1704), who may have been responsible for the gathering together of the volume. The manuscript mostly contains handwritten pages, but also a printed work with interleaved Latin translation. The two Donne sermons are followed by other manuscript sermons. The collection also features works in Cyrillic and Arabic. Two scribes appear to have collaborated in the production of the two Donne sermons (OESJD VI.1, and IV.10): whereas Hand 1 was responsible for the first sermon on Matthew 21.44 and the opening section of the next on Ecclesiastes 12.1, a second Hand 2 finished the second sermon, but also corrected the work of H1, and supplied further marginal annotations. 

For a detailed description of the manuscript, as well as extensive discussion of the textual value of each individual sermon against other witnesses, see Jeanne Shami, 'New Manuscript Texts of Sermons by John Donne', English Manuscript Studies, 13 (2007), pp. 77-119.